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Truly Authentic Thai Cuisine

About Thai Crystal

Welcome (Sawasdi)! Thai Crystal is one of the finest Thai Restaurants in the west. Pay us a visit at the historic town of Pendleton and taste for yourself. We offer what some say is the best Thai food in the West. Pay us a visit and taste for yourself!


Taste the subtleties and great quality that our professionally trained chef and experienced cook staff has created. You can count on every dish to be individually prepared with only the finest and freshest ingredients.


Whether you are new to Thai food or you are a Thai food aficionado, you will find something you love at Thai Crystal.

When we initially opened our doors and our kitchen, most of the meals we prepared were well-known Thai dishes such as Pad Thai (a stir fried rice noodle dish) or Tom Yam Soup (a signature Thai soup that is spicy and tangy). As our customers come back and try new dishes they have discovered hidden gems and new favorites, such as the little-known yet equally delicious Pad Ki Mao (a spicy stir fry dish unique for its broad noodles and seasonings), Lard Nah (a noodle and meat dish covered in gravy) and Som Tom Salad (a delicious green papaya salad).


Thai food aficionados and first-timers alike have given us rave reviews:

" delicious..."

"...well prepared and elegantly served..."

"...we have the real deal right here in our little hometown."

"Best Authentic Thai Food I've come across, north of Frisco!"

"Gourmet cuisine at an affordable price."

"...must visit Thai Crystal in Pendleton Oregon to experience the 'truly authentic Thai cuisine.'"


Visit us soon and taste the Thai Crystal experience for yourself.

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Did you know we offer five varieties of traditional Thai curry? Penang, Green Massaman, Red and Yellow curry each have unique combinations of flavors (sweet, spicy and sour).